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Smiths Falls Ensuite


Ensuite Bathroom


Smiths Falls



Embark on a visual journey through this stunning bathroom transformation, expertly crafted by Heritage Kitchen & Bath in 2022. Our team had the pleasure of revitalizing this space, bidding farewell to a cumbersome corner tub and introducing a luxurious walk-in shower that exudes spa-like serenity. The meticulous attention to detail is evident in every aspect, from the contemporary fixtures to the carefully chosen finishes that breathe life into the room. The removal of the tub not only maximized space but also allowed for the creation of a bright, fresh, and calming atmosphere. The result is a sanctuary where modern elegance meets tranquility, offering a timeless escape from the daily hustle. Step into this oasis, where sophistication and relaxation converge seamlessly, marking another triumph for Heritage Kitchen & Bath.

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